Factory Tour

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  These photos show how new Landola guitars are born    

From the drawing board...
...into factory production.

Bending the sides. A special heat-mould bends the correct shape into the sides.
Sides of Jumbo guitar, made of heat-treated flamed Nordic-birch, are joined together.

Laquering the guitar. A keen eye and a delicate touch are required at this stage.
Rounded edges. Before the final coat of laquer is applied,any uneven edges are painstakingly removed.

Necks are attached with a hand-fitted dovetail joint.
Guitars waiting to get machineheads and strings. In the front you can see the back of the Landola Dreadnought made of heat-treated flamed Nordic-birch.


The guitars are carefully adjusted for accurate intonation and playing ease at the Landola factory.
Quality control. Every Landola guitar is inspected at several checkpoints throughout the factory. A final, thorough inspection is made before the instrument is sent to our customers.